Electric motors
We understand our customers’ needs and fulfil them – THAT IS OUR JOB.
We provide induction motors of European manufacturers from 0.04 kW to 5,000 kW ... both in standard and special versions.
 These can be found in almost all industrial sectors, such as:
  • pumps
  • fans
  • compressors
  • transporters
  • mining
  • power plants
  • and in other sectors
We offer a complete line of highly-efficient motors IE2 and IE3, as well as motors compliant with EISA standards for USA and Canada.

Motor description: general-use motors, temperate climate, operation S1, rated voltage 230 V, frequency 50 Hz, operating temperature from -15 °C to +40 °C, standard colour RAL 5010.
SEhR version includes an aluminium frame.

Cantoni offers a wide range of motors, from 0.04 to 4000 kW. They have been conduction research on increasing motor efficiency for many years. They launched a completely new high-performance and high-efficiency SiE motor, which offers top-of-the-line reliability and efficiency.

Three-phase squirrel-cage motors Sh series of ribbed cast-iron frame are the newest and the most modern generation of high voltage motors. They are characterised primarily by high energetic efficiency, reliability, and durability of the order of 5000 start-ups.

Three-phase squirrel-cage motors for high voltage Sf series of and modular construction (welded frame with built-in pipe cooler), up to size 710 and power rating 2000kW.