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Mednarodna trgovina, zastopanje tujih podjetij

Bigger Projects

  • Pančevo

    Supplier: TRANSFLUID, Italy

    Special features: ATEX certificate, certified for calibration, (standard clutch version)

    Supply and installation of Transfluid 17KPTBHS control (regulational) clutch

  • Zagreb, construction of a heat accumulator

    Supplier: VISVANA

    Special features: 26 valves and frames requiring PED and low pressure pneumatic shut-off test – criterion A

    Supply of frames and valves for construction of 750 MWh heat accumulator

  • 2 TPP plants Unit 6

    Supplier: Rossi, gearbox Pintsch; Bubenzer, disc brake; Transfluid, hydrodynamic clutch

    Special features: The drives are ATEX II 2D / 2G certified

    Supply of drives for two conveyor belts connecting Velenje Coal Mine and TEŠ

  • Rijeka

    Supplier: Pintsch Bubenzer

    Special features: The service brakes have the latest CMB2 control system

    Take-over and test run of the Bubenzer brake at the Adriatic Gate – Rijeka

  • Russia

    Supplier: ELSO/ELBE

    Special features:

    Supply of ELSO / ELBE PTO shafts for a project in Russia

  • Velenje

    Supplier: Düchting

    Special features: Pumps are used for pumping pit water containing sand, coal dust, SO4, Cl, NH4, Na, HCO3 and are installed at angles -40.5 and -130. The pumps are ATEX I M2 certified

    Supply of multi-stage centrifugal pumps

  • Supplier: Düchting

    Special features: Pumps are used for flue gas desulphurisation and water pumping

    Supply of centrifugal pumps for TEŠ Unit 6 (Block 6)

  • Naklo

    Supplier: Pintsch Bubenzer

    Special features:

    Supply of Pintsch Bubenzer lift brake